Me with two cobra friends at Kom Ombo, Egypt in 2012

“Life is either a daring adventure, or nothing,”  Helen Keller

This October I will embark upon my thirteenth trip to Egypt with a dozen other intrepid travelers. It’s remarkable really as I never expected to go even once. But I have always been deeply called to do so. My parents told me I was fascinated with Egypt from the age of three. They would find me asleep on open pages of my uncle’s National Geographic magazines, dreaming of pyramids, temples, and fabulous jewelry no doubt.

My affinity with ancient Egypt has been an enduring feature of my life, and given my interests and proclivities, I feel certain that the waters of the great Nile have flowed through my veins for millennia. We are so accustomed to short life spans, and a disbelief in superluminal travel, that we can scarcely imagine how vast and limitless the Cosmos is. I have come to understand that my soul has worked for lifetimes to heal and integrate experiences from ancient Egypt, especially at Abydos during the time of Ramses II and his beloved wife Nefertari 3,300 years ago. I have come to understand that I was born into this lifetime with unfinished business that is long overdue to complete. And so I return, and each time I dig deeper.

Helen Keller and Amelia Earhart have always been major she-roes. Another is Beryl Markham, who was a pilot and horse trainer in South Africa during the “Out of Africa” times. Author Ernest Hemingway praised her work and said it made him ashamed to call himself a writer. I think of those women, and other profoundly courageous souls I have known, in moments of fear and doubt.

Moving out of our steady states of comfort and the illusion of safety causes us to grow, to widen our horizons, and to experience more of the world. Unless we are narrow and spiteful by nature, we are better for it. We all face choices in life about how we respond, and some of them are profoundly difficult. Some of us wait for the verdict of a test that could yield a terminal diagnosis, or learn to walk again after a debilitating injury. Others pick through the rubble of what was once a treasured home after the ravages of a storm or fire. How do we move on? How do we face loss and uncertainty?

Death is certain, only the timing is unknown.  It seems richer to embrace the unknown and cultivate a sense of adventure, grabbing onto life for all its worth, the joy and the sorrow, and the surprises that come when least expected.

Let me know if you feel called to Return to the Nile with me this fall.

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  1. Dear Julie,

    I have had the pleasure and honor on each of my 3 trips to Egypt in this lifetime to share them with you. The first trip as a new friend, and the second and third as both a friend and with you being the Leader of our group. On my first trip, a sense of knowing, of feeling so connected to some of the places we visited, and to some of the people in our group, puzzled me. At first I didn’t understand those feelings, but the longer we were in Egypt, the more clear they became– and it was you who helped me see and understand that. I left Egypt that first time firmly believing I I had been there before–and it had to have been in another lifetime, and most assuredly it was with you, for this was my very first time in Egypt. I immediately felt close to you even though we had just met, and as the years have gone by, I feel more & more connected to you even though we don’t see much of each other in our daily lives. You feel like a treasured sister. My respect and admiration for you has increased in gigantic proportions over the years for each time we are together I discover another part of you and find new reasons to admire you. Each time in Egypt has been very different on a soul level. I’ve seen the same sites but experienced them differently. Thank you for “taking me along” in this lifetime to revisit “our home” of lifetimes ago–visits that have helped me grow and learn more about myself and so much more about this universe in which we live today. All the others who travel with you to Egypt return home better people, better souls, for having shared their experience with you as their Leader.
    Donna S. MD

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