How I chose the goddesses

I was surprised in my research to learn that there are thousands of goddesses from around the world. I wanted to represent many diverse cultures, so I included as many goddess as possible within the 366 days of the year, including February 29. I also wanted readers to be able to explore the goddesses in a deeper way if they felt called to do so, so I included goddesses that seemed to have enough lore in books, or on web sites, to allow for a fruitful search.

The process taught me a great deal about the nature of guidance. Hundreds of goddesses revealed their deep wisdom and showed me the many-faceted nature of feminine power. They spoke through the timeless language of symbols, myths and archetypes. I have been amazed by the depth and breadth of wisdom I discovered, and I was continually awed by a creative process that drew me along as a willing, if sometimes dazzled, participant.