“Trust in dreams, for in them is the hidden gate to eternity.”  

Khalil Gibran

An intrinsic wisdom lives inside a seed. The small miracle trusts that if planted in rich soil, watered by rain, and warmed by sunlight, the seed will break out of its shell, sprout, and grow according to its template of hidden potential. Perhaps that potential will yield a fragrant lily or a mighty oak. The seed doesn’t doubt its future, and it unfolds and grows according to an inherent destiny.

Perhaps it is only humans who fear what is contained within our potential. For many reasons we lack the will or heart to follow the path of our own becoming. We hold back, doubting our gifts and our deep longings. Maybe we define success in the wrong way, believing we need fame and fortune, rather than joy and fulfillment, as indicators that we’ve “made it.”

I have come to believe the key to the dilemma lies in our inability to perceive the nature of our unique and individual templates. Because we don’t really know ourselves, we don’t know the nature of our “seed self.”  Therefore, we can’t comprehend the vision of our expanded expression, and we remain blind to what is possible. Or, we try very hard to become a pine tree when we are meant to be a lilac.

A teacher of mine once shared a humorous anecdote to illustrate our reluctance. A caterpillar once gazed up at a butterfly and proclaimed, “You’ll never get me up in one of those things.”  And so, rejecting the metamorphosis of the cocoon, and the exquisite creature he could become, the caterpillar continued to crawl on the ground. Sadly, the caterpillar never tasted flight or grew glorious wings. That is a loss for all of us.

What does it take to reach out of our own element and sense of safety and trust? What can be gained by risking? Sometimes, after a risk, life is never the same. Maybe we experience a loss as a result, but we are deeper, wiser, and hopefully more compassionate. Maybe the risk brings great joy. Either way we learn what we’re made of by taking the leap and seeing where we land. It’s often been said to watch where we light up, know what excites us, and when we lose a sense of time when doing something we love. This knowledge is precious.

. . . take a chance today–it could change your life . . .


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Quintangled: A Game of Strategy, Chance & Destiny

Quintangled is the result of a five-year journey of creation that began with a dream. Many years ago I had a vision to create a board game based on timeless archetypes and universal symbols. I have shared this journey with my amazing co-creators, Karen Stuth and Sue Lion, who have been there every step of the way. Together we have created what we hope will be a fun and fascinating game experience.

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As Characters journey through the Quintangled world players meet guides, guardians, and mentors, facing demons and threats that will challenge resolve. Players acquire wisdom from the Oracles of four elements who reside at the corners of the game board. Characters will face the ordeal of The Abyss, and return Home heroic and wiser. Crossroads, choices, and tests help Characters gain courage and wisdom, thereby awakening the hero or heroine within.

After The Abyss, when a Character has achieved heroic status, the game changes and motives are transformed. Will the heroic Character use new powers wisely, or selfishly squander these gifts? If a Character has been brave and clever, acquiring wisdom along the way, when returning Home the heroic Character will redeem the world left behind at the beginning of the journey. The measure of wisdom gained on the journey, represented by points earned, determines the winner of the game.

In Quintangled, there are talismans, adversaries, risks, perils, setbacks, allies, rewards, and buried treasure. Quintangled incorporates timeless myths and universal archetypes and offers the opportunity to play on more than one level. Quintangled’s purpose is to have fun while discovering the magic and excitement of the heroic quest and learning about character archetypes that appear in stories, legends, and life. Thanks in advance for your support.